Welcome to Crux Suppressors \ˈkrō\ a Division of Templar Tactical Firearms.  Nothing has changed from the quality and performance of our products just a new look.  

Crux Suppressors' ideology is to produce the best suppressors on the market utilizing technology that outperforms the competition by at least 50% but yet offer this technology at a price that is within reach of the general public.  Making the decision to purchase Crux Suppressors the easiest decision you've ever made of your firearms purchases.

The core foundation of Crux is accuracy.  You will never have to question accuracy as its a given. The most accurate products in the industry.  If you can't hit what you want at ANY distance....then its irresponsible and dangerous.  Weather its for sport, game, or military purposes the shot is not taken unless it can be made.  Does your gear provide that kind of reliability and guarantee for that performance?  With Crux....It Does.

When Accuracy Matters....

                                               .....Trust Proven Products