Are Crux Suppressors the same suppressors as Templar Tactical Firearm Suppressors?

  • Yes, the only thing that has changed as the logo

When are you accepting order?

  • We are currently accepting all orders

Are Silencers/Suppressors Legal?

  • YES Suppressors are LEGAL for civilians to own!  You can find more information here on our Are Suppressor Legal page.

How Much is a Tax Stamp?

  • A Tax Stamp costs $200 per suppressor

What is a Tax Stamp?

  • A Tax Stamp is a stamp that you receive on the paperwork that you submit to the ATF for any NFA item.  The Tax Stamp verifies that you have paid the Tax to the ATF and that you are the registered owner of the NFA item.

How do you buy a Suppressor?

  • Its not hard at all...the hardest part is the wait.  Please find out all about it here on our How to Buy a Suppressor page.

Can I Take My Suppressor Across State Lines?

  • Yes, If the State you are traveling through is a suppressor legal State.  Other ATF Regulations Require a temporary permit for Machine Guns or Short Barrel Rifles to travel across State Lines.