How to Register a Suppressor to a Trust


The Trust option is a good option if you plan on buying more suppressors or other NFA items like Short Barrel Rifles (SBRs) or fully automatic weapons.

The trust option has several advantages on concerning our discussion here it makes the transfer and submission process simpler in that you do not need to get local law enforcement sign off or finger printing cards.  This is very useful when you live in counties where the Sheriff  or Police Chief has a policy of not signing any NFA forms.

This disadvantage is that there is some upfront work and cost normally with a lawyer.  You could get this accomplished with the free or sometimes minimal cost template based living revocable trusts that are available online or through various software avenues, HOWEVER, we DO NOT recommend this option.  We have a very good lawyer who will give you a discount with our referral.  His trusts have stood up to tests and his specialty is in NFA law.

Once you have your trust, that is out of the way, and you will never have to have another one made again.  You can simply add items to the list at the end of your trust that belong to it.

Now for the approval process for buying your Suppressor:

  1. With a trust, your part couldn’t be simpler.  All you have to do is sign section 15 on both copies of the Form 4 you are provided with.
  2. You will also receive a form 5330.20 and should sign and date that form as well  stating you are a U.S. citizen.
  3. You will also need to make a photocopy of your trust.  Be sure to copy the entire document – including any schedules that are referenced (i.e. Schedule A, B, etc…).  Note that this photocopy does not need to be notarized.
  4. Once you’ve signed in all 3 places and have a photocopy of your trust, you can put everything in an envelope and mail it to the ATF with a check for $200.

Now for the HARD part!

Waiting!  The hardest part of buying a suppressor is having the patience to wait for that tax stamp to come back from the ATF.

For Texas buyers, we will receive your tax stamp and will give you a call as soon as it arrives.

For non-Texas buyers, the FFL/SOT holder who is handling the transfer will receive your tax stamp and will call you to come pick up your new toy!

As you can see, there really isn’t much to the process.  Once you’ve been through it once, chances are you’ll do it again – especially after you see what a blast it is to shoot suppressed!